Earlywine PTA Processes & Forms

Treasurer Processes & Forms

PROCEDURES - Cash & Check: Deposits (cash and check) and Check Request handling procedures. All persons that handle incoming funds or that have an approved, reimbursable expense need to be familiar with these procedures.

FORM, Money Collection: Use this form to track all cash and checks received for deposit. TWO people must count and sign and then place in the lock box at school. Please also send an email to the treasurer so he/she will know to go pick it up and deposit it. Please submit all funds for deposit as soon as possible. 

FORM, Check Request: Use this form when requesting a reimbursement from the PTA for approved expenses OR when submitting an invoice for payment. All Check Requests must be approved and signed by the Committee Chair and include original receipts. 

FORM, Party Reimbursement: For all class parties, the Grade Level Chair should compile and review all receipts and submit this one form (rather than individual check requests) to the Treasurer for reimbursement for each party.

Committee Chair Forms

FORM, Committee Budget Journal: Committee Chairs can use this to track their expenses against their approved budget and assist in knowing how much funding remains for their committee. 

PTA Plan of Work: This form must be completed each year by the chair for each committee of our PTA.

Classroom Wishlist Forms

PROCEDURES - Classroom Wishlist Fund: Information on the classroom wishlist fund and process. Contact the treasurer with any questions. 

FORM - Classroom Request Form: Staff should use this form, along with original receipts, to submit reimbursement for Classroom Wishlist items. Be sure to review the procedures document above for important information.

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