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If you want an Earlywine t-shirt, be sure to order online OR before school August 20-22nd from 8:45 to 9:30am. 

Did you miss Back-to-School-Night?

You can still purchase school clothing, join the PTA, fill out a Volunteer Form, sign up for Dolphin Cove, pay on school lunch accounts, and more! See below for instructions!

Purchase: School Clothing, PTA Discount Card, Class Parties, Student Directory

For any of these items, there are three ways to purchase: 

1) You can order ALL of these items online here

2) If you picked up the forms at Back-to-School Night, you can drop off the forms at the office or send it with your child to give to their teacher. Please send the completed form(s) with exact cash or check.

3) You can download/print the forms using links below, fill them out, and drop them off in the office or send them with your child to give to their teacher. Please send the completed form(s) with exact cash. 

DELIVERY: We will send your purchased item(s) home with your child.

- Most school t-shirts and PTA Membership Cards should come home within ~3 business days (note: some shirt sizes are on back order and will be delivered in 2-3 weeks).

- School hoodies are pre-order and will be available this fall.

- Student Directories will be put together and delivered this fall.

We will occassionally sell school clothing and memberships in the mornings before school. Watch the Earlywine Parents Facebook page and sign up for Remind Text Messages to be alerted to these times! 

Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteering is NOT a requirement for joining the PTA, but if you are interested in helping out there are many volunteer opportunities available, both big and small! You can fill out a Volunteer Form in the office or complete the form online here.


Completing the form doesn't commit you to volunteering; it will simply put you on e-mail list(s) to be alerted of volunteer opportunities! Even if you can't volunteer it's a great way to know what's going on at our amazing school!

Sign up for Dolphin Cove

You can find out more information about Dolphin Cove here. You can make payments on your Dolphin Cove account in person or at My Payments Plus

Pay on school lunch accounts

You can pay on school lunch accounts online at My Payments Plus or send a check made out to Earlywine Elementary school, noting that it's for your child's school lunch account.